why the fuck people name variables endig with numbers? why? how the hell do you even figure out what's what?


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    oh you must see the two variables named as : contractservicetype and servicecontracttype, yes with no capital letters or underscores. spent about an hour debugging the wrong variable ..
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    lol! :D #paradox
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    checkStatusMyAss is the one to watch out for... sounds like a bug!
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    @GinjaNinja ha ha ha ha! :D
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    I do this, it's cuz of lack of creativity of variable names and moderate laziness 😂😂
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    are there a variable name generator for ide's? :)
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    @heyheni I wouldn't call it a generator. But visual studio has a pretty good autocomplete feature
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    I don't usually use numbers, but have used "myAss" as a suffix.
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    autocomplete is okay but reafing 1 and 2 doesn't tell me what 1 does and what 2 does and there is a high chance that someone editing this code may actually work with wrong variable. @champion01
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    just saying*** if the generator is creating variables with numbers. @champion01
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