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    Blockchain everything
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    Its a prime example of where blockchain shines, you can share real time info for other people to reroute from a slow path for example
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    @sharktits well, waze works pretty well for me and doesn't require blockchain
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    No, it requires a bunch of monolith servers instead yay
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    Sounds great, let’s invest in it
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    Now don't forget to cross it on the buzzword bingo
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    Buzzword powered AI
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    @sharktits that is not something blockchain solves, though it often uses large scale distribution. Blockchain based GPS is retarded, peer-to-peer GPS would be cool.
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    @SZenC ...blockchain is p2p
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    @sharktits not every blockchain implementation is P2P, and not every P2P network is blockchain based...
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    **Buys the gps for 15k in ICO and receives a fake TomTom

    **Checks current location

    **2 days block updates and charges £5

    **1 month later, hard fork occurs and now you're in two places at once

    **6 months later exchange is hacked and you're worthless

    **1 year later the FBI arests you through your gps location

    Who's idea was this??
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    Reading "people powered" and "blockchain"...
    Had to think of one disgusting South Park episode. 🤢
    Just looked it up, it's S15E01 "HumancentiPad" (can be viewed on their official site for free).
    Disgusting... but nevertheless a simple blockchain.
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    Apparently blockchain is an electricity replacement now.
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