Disclaimer: I have a strong hate towards apple for multiple reasons and this will only be temporary. (thank God for that)

My oneplus one is battery dead and the power button quit as well. Repair costs would be as expensive as buying a new phone (200-300 price range) so searching for a new one.

But, I need a temporary phone in the mean time.
A phone with googled-android is absolutely a no-go. I used to do that sometimes but those were wrong decisions.

So, for the sake of trying, I'm going for a second hand iPhone.
Will be testing how it works for me (never been able to form an opinion on it since iOS 4.2 (iPod touch)) and will also be searching my ass off for a smartphone which supports lineage/rooting (TIPS BETWEEN ABOVES PRICE RANGE ARE VERY WELCOME) because I'm fucking hell not planning on using that (the iPhone) fucker any longer than a month.
Even if I love it over android (highly doubt that), I won't continue using it for very specific reasons.

Wish me luck 😅

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    Although I know you hate apple,
    If the iPhone has iOS11 then in settings will be a privacy menu.

    Go exploring and turn everything off.
    Bon voyage Apple tracking.
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    Man I'm torn. iOS is still Unix and Android is still Linux but I'm a hypocrite if I said I was concerned about privacy and use an Android phone. I've limited a lot of what it can collect but I don't know if switching would be a better or not. :(

    Disclamer: I've owned Android phones since 2011 and haven't gone in Apple's ecosystem. What are the ++ or -- of the platform?
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    Maybe a Mi A1 and drop a dotOS there??
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    do not let yourself be influenced by the apple on the back and come back to Android as soon as possible 😂
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    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 costs about 360€ (but it is actually a high end phone, just the camera isn't that fantastic, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has a better camera), it has official LineageOS support (https://download.lineageos.org/chir...), but I'll probably replace my LineageOS with Resurrection Remix :P
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    Not sure if Xiaomi phones are available in the region where you live but if you are gonna install custom roms then you should get a redmi note 5 pro or Mi A2(not yet launched outside china but shortly will). They have good hardware at their prices.
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    Is your OnePlus battery dead as in empty or as in broken? Because one of my mates owns a OnePlus too where the power button has given up on him and he just starts the phone remotely from his laptop via USB...
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    @C0D4 @starrynights89 @Torbuntu Fucking hell how can anyone work with this iOS system?!

    Just fuck.
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    @linuxxx So it is harder to use then Android?
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    @starrynights89 Of course it’s a personal opinion but imo: fuck yes.
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    Coming from android it’ll probably feel wonky and limiting.

    Sometimes you have to get creative in order to do what should be some basic shit, but on the other hand,
    from a security stand point everything being encrypted on the phone and every app running sandboxed needing per functionality permission is nicer then the last time I used android where you had to decide “give me full access to everything” vs “I can use a camera but nothing else” without dropping a custom rom on or rooting the phone.

    - not here to argue or defend iOS, just my opinions after all.
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    @C0D4 Definitely getting you only I’m having a hard time believing any of it since we can’t verify Anything...
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    @C0D4 Closed source encryption is no encryption.
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    @Benedikt @Linuxxx


    Yes they are a closed source company, but this pretty much makes it as transparent as you could probably get without divulging every line of code involved.
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