today my friend wanted to publish his swift 3 library in cocoapods, set up proper github repository, made a releass/tag then tried to upload cocoa pods. first was success but somehow it turned out to be empty then we changed some settings in cocoapods (moved paths etc) then it started to give errors and such. strangely every fkin time different kind of error.
first realized he is using xcode 7 build tools which lacks support of swift3, then switchex to xcode8-beta tools but again that shit wasnt working. so i noticed that their app switching repo origin to their specs origin.
removed cocoapods from sys entirely, xcode7 as same as cocoapods and installed git cmd tools from homebrew to make it updated. started from scratch same shit also happened.

so i give up and fired chrome to look up issue, it turns out it was problem with xcode-beta and cocoapods entirely, even somebody just 30mins before us also commented on issue with exact same output problems
5hrs for shitty bugs fml...

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