Upwork Job post:
I want a small website where you can post product images with title, price and descriptions. It should have a search functionality like amazon. The users must be able to add products it in their cart, post reviews and buy from there. I want it to integrate with PayPal and other payment methods. And yes, i want to be able to write blog post too.

Budget; $50


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    I usually roll my eyes at these and assume they're satire.
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    They all think coding/programming us some kind of joke. Like we play video games all day and at the end of the day write 10-20 lines of code and get the work done.
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    This proves mother nature can be an ass too that we have face this shithead.
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    And this is why we're far from running out of job! So many people that still don't have the first idea about what coding is.
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    These post genuinely make me angry. Like red in the face. How in the hell can you expect someone that does this for a living spend weeks building a website for $50. Are these guys smoking crack or something?!
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    @gutermanj Crack is an understatement
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