> Opened devRant to read some cool rant.
> Scrolled down the feed to find awosm rant.
> Found an interesting rant, touched it to view it.
> Read the rant.
> press back to find more awosme rant but, (boom💥) again on top of feed.😡😡😤
> Now need to scroll down again :/ :(

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    It is fixed... That only happens if you spam your back button. Single tap takes you back to where you were.
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    Hmm for me it even remembers my scroll after force exiting the app...
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    @Codex404 yup, I don't have any of the above issues.

    I do like the idea of a "more rants" button brought up by @Alice
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    alice is everywhere 😂😂

    In evry rants comment section 😌
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    Yeh but i see you everywhere 😂😂😔
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    Yep maybe that is the reason

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    Same issue. Gets quite irritating.
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    Not working in my app #android@Rundle
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    If you are on iOS, tapping the status bar scrolls back to the top. So you might be accidentally doing that.

    On both my android and iOS devices I don't have this problem. So I assume you are doing something that makes it go to the top.
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    @JeetRabari either way, this was an interesting choice for your first post.
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    @Alice I might actually think about doing that. But to include everyone. Perhaps just by searching a username? :D
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    @Alice we need to perform some >deep< analytics on you, do you consent?

    Every time you ++ something. We want to know.

    Every time you f5, we want to know.

    Comment? We already know.
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    I do not have any above things described. I think this was fixed.
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    @dufferz you forgot the breathing part 😇 /s
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