Interviewer: Question 1: What's the most important skill of a software developer?
Me: Thanks for the opportunity, I'll show myself out.

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    Is it problem solving or debugging? Anyone correction answer please
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    @error503 I've found myself wondering if they answer they really wanted was "communication".
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    What kind of a question is this?
    Each have his own answer...
    Since he knows the skill he wants why not testing you and seeing you have it.... That question as a million answer
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    @pda87 communication? Good you left.
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    @pda87 next time someone ask this just tell what you think is important and support your answer. Either they will move on to next question or argue with you, if they argue just because they think their answer is better, leave the building. Else carry on with their argument even if you are losing
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    @gitpush I said "always being able to learn". I don't think I will get the job purely because of these silly interview questions, even though I'm capable of doing the job.
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    @error503 I don't know this for certain, it's just the "classic" skill for questions like that
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    @error503 Actually that's one of the things I am more convinced of with each day; that almost all software problems are (social) communication problems:
    1 Users cannot tell you what they want.
    2 PM cannot tell you what users need
    3 Customers cannot give usable error information
    4 Your code cannot convey the design decisions you made
    5 Different parts of your app cannot talk to each other because the developers cannot talk to each other
    And so on and so forth
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    For these kind of questions I always have a hard time resisting the urge to point out how I don't want to answer if they have an arbitrary "correct" answer in mind.

    Is "it depends" an answer? </patrickStar>
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    @phorkyas Also, being able to explain tech stuff to non-tech people - eg PMs, customers, managers etc. I've heard devs fail at this and use terms like "arrays" and "ajax" in their bugfix explanations, I'm like "wtf are you doing?"
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    @ltlian I guess non-tech people think that these questions may "put us at ease" before the technical questions start. Sweated my way through about 15 of these bs questions before I was given a test and left alone to complete it.
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