Doing some code on a rainy night while listening to "Kavinsky - Nightcall"..
What's better than this?

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    sleeping maybe :/
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    Probably the most overplayed song this year/last year by my colleagues.. I liked it at first but now it makes me type really fucking hard
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    And when you allready feel euphoric about nightcall and then Kavinsky - Odd Look feat. The Weeknd kicks in. And you can't ressist to sing high pitched along and act along. Your code and time flys! Good times indeed!
  • 3
    Good beer and coding.
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    And ofcourse something to eat and music.
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    Not doing code on a rainy night and not listening to the damn song.
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    Arch enemy - panophobia ?
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    Midnight Odyssey - Shards Of Silver Fade
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