Worst Person you Interviewed?

I interview many developers at my company. Today, I interviewed someone who seemed fairly qualified. Then I spotted a large gap I his resume. When I enquirer about the gap, he disclosed that he had served prison time for pedophilia. He further disclosed that as a condition of his release, he had to be supervised when using a computer.

As we are a gov/medical company, we are not allowed to hire people with a criminal record. He begged me but I told him that it was again company policy. I felt sorry for him not finding any work and being forced to beg, but I also had a knot in my stomach over the details his crime that he elaborated on.

Anyway, he scored 0 out of 10 on my interview scale.

Right after him, I interviewed another developer who seemed great on paper but when I proved further, he didn’t know jack about JavaScript, despite his resume show him to be a “jQuery expert”!

So, I asked him what he does in his spare time and how me keeps his development skill/knowledge up to date. He said:

“...no, I don’t study this shit in my spare time... I’m not a facking need!!!”

I stopped the interview right there. I might sware here on DV, but it my office I keep it civil & professional. So I certainly do not appreciate it when a diaper wearing, snotty nosed, junior wanker swares in my offices to merely protect his willful ignorance and shows pathetic pride instead of humility. That interview comes to an end immediately!

The pedo got a 0 out of 10, but this brat scored a -5 out of 10!!!

I have so many interview stories I could tell you...


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    Well, that certainly doesn't seem easy. Good luck!

    PS: I would love to hear more about it if you're willing to post some!
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    Cool story
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    More stories please.
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    Yes say us more!

    I'm subscribing to this users rant.
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    i feel bad for the pedo guy kinda...
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    I guess the second guy meant to say NEET, which means shut-in
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    Thank yo everyone and not belong about not pouring out my typos. I had the new iPhone X and URL’s keyboard is a lot smaller them my older 7 Plus, so I’m still vettjjbgused to the smaller keyboard buttons.

    I’ll show some more humorous interview stories with you soon all soon.
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    I have so many stories about horrible interviewees. We need a weekly rant topic for that.
    Also I do have one funny ramt about someone I interviewed.
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    You could have asked for details...
    Now days you can get such arrest for having a few child movies in the midle of lotssss of porn, while in other countries true rapists escape the crime...
    If he's a child molester, sory to say this, but burn in hell... If it was some pictures or movies...
    Well, it doesn't matter because of the company policies, but knowing the crime would make you really feel for him without blaim, or just hate him.
    I wonce dated a girl who was raped at the age of 11 and not even her parents believed her.. (very, very closed minded family, except the new generation, she was a great wife)... But I also know case's of false arrests, like a 18 years old dating a 14 years old, have sex fathers find out and make a complain... Till a few years ago that would render a 10+ years arrest for child abuse, now if the minor is in a relationship and the age isn't that different (still a crime 13 and below, severe offense from 14 to 16 if it's a rape)...
    Btw if anyone abused of my nefews ill kill him. Hope this post isn't use as evicence lol
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    If I dude came to you looking ok on paper - but you find out that he never properly studied something like he's applying for and only learned a little - dunno, JavaScript - in his spare time, yet he is eager to learn. You've got a noob in front of you. Is that better than the second one?
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    @snaz suppose he was good somehow: "first interview for the new job, boss makes fun of me", cool
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