When I had to choose a service, I chose bitbucket. Now the other two are getting flamed. Seems like I chose right. But in the end who knows what is good and what is bad. Peaches are delicious. Winter is coming. And I definitely don't care.

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    Guess I missed what happend? The github M$ stuff I didn't miss, but what's wrong now with gitlab?
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    I chose gogs/gitea on my homeserver and I love it.
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    @Wack I read they are changing too google. Might be wrong. Not sure.
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    @Wack It migrated from Azure to Google Cloud. That's all.
    @Divisionbyzero Damn, you beat me by 40 seconds.
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    @Brosyl so what's wrong about that? I mean, yeah, it's google, but then what else is there? Azure, aws...
    Sure they could run to DO or run their own data center, but is this realy an issue?
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    @Wack I don't think it's a problem, unless you have ethical reasons like some privacy master on here 😉. It's yours to decide.
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    @Brosyl @Wack and if I'm not wrong that decision was made before the MS,GH acquisition thing. I wonder whether people will be talking about that if the whole acquisition didn't happen.
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