Hi )

I was wondering how do you guys who work or have worked as freelancers price your websites/projects.
I never had a client before and I don't want to spoil my first chance by pricing too high or too low.
I've heard people asking for 500 dollar or 2000 dollars, depending on how much work and time is involved.
How much would you ask for a simple personal website or a restaurant website?

Thank you very much for your time )

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    Whatever price you come up with, double it or add an extra 50% on top. Seriously.

    Clients will always want more than they have agreed to. This means you can accept little changes without having to re-negotiate billing at every step. Plus it will just be harder/more involved than you think.
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    @Alice Sure, act like you're playing Countdown and multiplication is the only operator!

    I have a few fairly regular clients who I know are awkward, I just charge them a higher rate. Probably another tip here is to start off with smaller projects / phases, so you can get a feel for how they work.
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    I never really thought things that way. I know clients always make changes and want you to add me stuff, but to double the price just got that seems very bold to me.
    Maybe I need to get rid of my impostor syndrome first.
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    Have everything
    Documented even the features and freture request and ask 50% upfront payment
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    My rate is about 75€/hour. Present them with an estimate, before even starting, that is fairly wide estimated. Every minute I work on projects, I time them with 'MyHours'. Mostly I'm spot-on in my estimate, but if I'll work on it, like two hours extra, I'll give them a heads-up (if it wasn't due to in-efficient coding). Mostly they'll agree (unless it's like suddenly 5k extra ofc..) There's also the disclaimer on those estimates that, if I'll have to work on it more for client changes, I'll present them with a new estimate. If it's for bugs or issues, then it's free for the first few months.

    A simple client side page is about 2 hours per page (depending on the functionalities ofc) backend is like 2 hours for a simple database setup and a json endpoint script thingy (not fully rest) together with 2 hours of setup (git, ftp,.. and testing for the base/core parts) (for example) 🤓
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