Who thinks DevRant app needs a major UI change?

for me: ☝

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    For me, apps are like cars:

    It can look great but be shitty asf on the inside/under the hood.

    So, I'd prefer better functionality over a good UI.
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    @Stuxnet are you a backend dev?
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    @hubiruchi No lol.

    Id just rather have something work vs looking nice. *Cough* go fuck yourself Snapchat Android app *cough*
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    @Stuxnet you are the frontend developer every backend developer wish for < 3
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    @hubiruchi I probably won't be doing front end lmao. I'm not creative enough.

    Hell I can barely fucking code as it is 😭😭.

    I'm basically neck deep in the ocean at the moment trying to figure my life out as I finish my general education classes lol.
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    @Stuxnet Heads up man. Just do it! 💪
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    @BigBoo I'm almost 100% positive I could get the degree. But a degree is only as useful as your skills are.

    Soooo I'm being pragmatic and going to accept coding isn't for everyone if I notice I'm not that good as I take a few more classes. Programming is always a fun hobby or side hustle haha

    But thanks!
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    @hubiruchi I do both, and I think that front end is also necessary. because its the first impression of the app.
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    @taosif7 fullstack?
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    @Stuxnet Atleast in Europe, having a degree and not having one is night and day in difference for getting a job.

    I thought it was a worthless piece of paper I needed just to do what I want. But I just decided to just fucking do it because I wanted it so God damn badly.

    Just tried as hard as I could and didn't let anyone or anything demoralize me.

    Some teachers are worthless. Some are really smart and have a lot of good things to say. Cherish these people when doing your degree.

    The stupid ones are just practice to get in line and do the work, move on with your life when you pass.

    All and all. I'm grateful I did. Not purely from the learning perspective, but from the opportunities it brought.
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    @BigBoo So far, the two professors I've had in CS or IT classes are awesome.

    I was in my CS professor's office at least once a week getting help. He was always glad to help me with anything. He'd break everything down line by line. Plus, his teaching style was fantastic. We'd spend 15-30 minutes going over the assignment from last class, 15-30 going over this week's material, and then rest of the class working on assignments. So it was learn material, then instantly apply the material to your homework. Also, most of his projects were somewhat realistic things you'd make in the real world. (Our last two involved searching through a CSV file with 58k movie titles and printing the titles/information based on the users input.)

    The opportunities this piece of paper will open up are always helpful. Our cyber sec team got to tour an NSA office. I was so jealous and regretted not joining it. My professors have also already offered to start helping me with networking, since it's important lol
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    @Stuxnet Just go for it. Networking can be very helpful. It has helped me a great deal. As long as networking isn't the only thing you do haha.

    There will be other opportunities. Just think about what your absolute dream junior position would be and aim for it.

    Maybe you dont get there. But if you tried the hardest you could, not even you will be able to blame you for not trying. Even if you don't get all the way you might get much further along the way than if you're just complacent.

    I get it. Knowing what you want to do is hard. But you can have multiple positions and companies in mind and apply to all of them.
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    @BigBoo My dream position is this video lol.


    I got to meet someone who actually does something similar to this for a kind of local accounting firm. It's obviously probably not as dramatized, but still seems fun. (I just assumed this was bs and staged the first time I saw it lol)
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    @Stuxnet Ah. I've seen this before. I actually interviewed for a position like this. But it wasnt in a place I wanted to live and I already had another offer as a dev.

    But I think my talents are better off with this tbh. I have some know how of what people look for if you really want to work with that though.
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    @BigBoo While I want this job, it's in a different city than where I'm likely moving to. (I really want to live in this city, but the job market is a lot smaller than the one I'm likely moving to.)

    But I'll keep it in mind and probably hit you up for some information. I need to figure out where to start learning lol
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    @Stuxnet I have a metric ton of learning material which can be used to get better at different specializations. Security is very broad.

    Just hit me up whenever.
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    Well at first it was a bit unusual, but I wouldn't change a thing
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    Maybe now that the collabs tab is gone, just move the post button to the bottom bar. That's about it though.
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    I’d like a landscape mode.
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    No! It's great already
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