Guys, HTC is launching a Blockchain based phone.
The title goes like "First blockchain phone from HTC is coming soon".

I dont know if this is worse than the AI video i found on pornhub.

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    Everytime I think I finally start to understand what a blockchain is, something like this happens and I am once again clueless.
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    Purge it with flames.
    It shall not live.
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    @Alice If that wasn't sarcasm, I'd say it's pretty well explained: https://youtu.be/bBC-nXj3Ng4
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    These assholes should get their shit together regarding fucking conventional updates instead of farting buzzwords.
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    Most of you guys should read about the subject before posting bullshit...

    The phone has a dedicated "kitty" wallet (not sure if thats the correct name for the coin) which should be more secure.

    So they are not just using buzzwords, they are partnering with the creators of the coin.

    If its something consumer want is a different story...
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    @Codex404 reas about the subject allright. Still think its bullshit
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    @AleCx04 its bullshit indeed, but its not just buzzwords, it actually is what they say. Dedicated chips for wallets. I do see a future in it. Imagine festival coins to be in an encrypted part of your phone. Or medical data for if you have an big accident, so paramedics already know what kind of things you are allergic for.
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    @Codex404 you do have a good point there my dude.
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    @Codex404 buzzword miss-use of words have desensitized devs the same way labeling conservatives as Nazis sucks up the meaning of actual Nazism.
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    @systemctl @Alice they’ve built a crypto coin phone so they’re pretty much right on this one haha
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    @Codex404 medical data can already be stored. I think that even my Samsung Corby had a feature for it back in the day.. now here in Belgium it's been standardized and centralized into the eID card (since 2002, making Belgium the first to implement this I think), eliminating further needs.

    As for a hardware-based crypto wallet in the phone, that's something very promising. It should support common coins though and be versatile. But each one uses different crypto algorithms, making hardware backing at least for processing difficult.. hence why a Bitcoin ASIC can't be used for Ethereum etc. Storing them should be feasible though.. I mean all it has to be is pretty much just a glorified TPM that stores a private key.. heck, that's even similar to the chips on those ID cards which also store a private key.

    So yeah, promising for sure but way too much buzz for what it is.

    Disclaimer: I haven't looked up any of this and just went with preliminary knowledge of cryptocurrency, and how I would implement the "hardware wallet" feature.
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    not the first one
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