Please enter your date of birth to see some screenshots of devRant… 😂

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    So basically Steam
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    I wonder if you can install it on a Windows phone?
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    Try devRantron...
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    Go to the Settings and enable that dark theme, now! 😷
    Other than that, yeah devRant UWP is pretty good.. some "features" here and there but meh, it serves the purpose 🙂

    Edit: I completely missed the point, didn't I... 😅
    Needs Moar fuck, motherfucking assholes of clients, motherfuckturers, suck my veiny cock and the likes to justify my previous ignorance and age-restrict a screenshot of this as well I guess 🤔 and Moar coffee!
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    @ayyshim nah thanks... i prefer fast and light native uwp, than slow and heavy js apps in chrome
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    @bootleg-dev yes... In windows mobile 10
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    welp, it's because of profanity.
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    Did it occur to you that you have to be 13+ to use the app?
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    @ewpratten lol did you know OP is the developer of UWP devRant on Windows 10?
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    @MrCSharp ya. I'm saying it should actually be age restricted.
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    They want to make sure 13 year olds don't see pictures of bad things

    Like javascript code
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