Using a template for your website if you are a web design or a web developer is right?

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    Hmm, you will need to clean it.. but you'll probably gain time for the backend.

    Personnaly i created a list of my own template, and use it when i create a web application
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    @Jakuho I mean a template from HTML5UP or other sites like that.
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    If it’s a nice template you can actually use, go for it, I’ve done it in the pass.

    Some templates may offer a couple of elements you might want as well and you could integrate them into another design.
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    @MushiKun never heard of them before, but they all look like they use the same basic design just with a few elements different and colours.
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    @MushiKun the html5up templates look at least quite beautiful 😲

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    @heyheni yep they are beautiful, but I want to know if for a web designer is fair to use them. It's for a bet with a coworker
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    it depends...
    on the customers brand philosophy and his budget.

    If a customer has a strong design branding and he makes money with his website he should have a induvidual to his needs tailored website.

    If it's a small company which has no shape or design language. And no budget then absolutely take a template that fits his needs.

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