Ok I give up. I concede. I can't take one more second of trying to get ANY window manager to run under Arch with an Nvidia GPU.

Back to Debian it is...

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    I always thought Arch was a text adventure game anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop >=0 why can't i favorite this comment!!!
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    I gave in after enough issues and just went with Manjaro. If that project ever dies I'm going to Debian.
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    @starrynights89 @loopback

    idk what's wrong with you guys. xorg configuration has always been the funest part of linux. *shutters thinking of when X required a conf file perfect to the T*
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    @starrynights89 there's also antergos tho
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    Try Arch Wiki t explains EVERYTHING.
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    Install Ar...oh wait
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    Was just fiddling with this today, managed to get Arch, i3/Compton to work with my nVidia GTX 1060, it's possible!
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    I'm using KDE with arch on a Nvidia card no problems, don't ask me how tho XD
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    Like @starrynights89 I can highly recommend Manjaro. It's like Arch on easy mode. You get all the nice things Arch offers you, but don't need stress yourself with the rather complex configuration. It's really nice and my day-to-day driver.
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    @undaunted I wanted to like Manjaro, but its support for HiDPI displays is absolute shit. Everything on my laptop was fucking tiny and no matter what I tried, it either looked like shit, wasn't usable, or both. Super disappointed.
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    Sorry to hear that, I spent 2 days just to get X running and I nearly gave up (i was an still am linux wannabe user)

    Finally I got it to work with GTX 1060M (Optimus) and all that's left of my notes now is below:

    - pacman -S nvidia
    - pacman -S nvidia-libgl
    - pacman - S nvidia-beta (AUR)
    - /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-nvidia.conf  (or deprecated in xorg.conf)
    - nvidia-setting (GUI)
    - xdpyinfo | grep -B2 resolution

    I know you have given up but if you ever wanna give it another go I'd be happy to assist if I can 😊

    Having said that, I can't help the feeling Arch instructions are like a Sage in an Ivory Tower, only the worthy can reach it 😁
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    That's weird 🤔 I was able to get i3 wm running on arch on my former Nvidia Optimus laptop (with proprietary drivers) 😕😅
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    @Electrux same except I even got Optimus running with next to 0 configuration
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    @LordPeeve thanks for the notes :) I'm going to leave it day or so and give it another crack
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    @loopback no worries mate, i can send through my x config files as i remember fiddling with it to get my second (hdmi) screen going under its full res.

    I'd suggest starting with openbox, and once that's running then move on to your favourite DM (I'm running Enlightenment)
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    @datawraith a friend of mine had the same issue with Manjaro and i3wm on his MacBook. He found an easy fix (tweaking a value in a configuration). If you're still interested I can ask him.
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    @undaunted Please do. There is one setting to magnify things but it makes it look terrible. I'd love to know what your friend did.
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    @datawraith it is the DPI setting at the top of the ~/.Xresources

    Just increase it a bit and reload X (or reboot) until it looks nice :)
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    @undaunted Thanks! I'll give that a try.
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    @Tayo I was trying to get it running, but apparently my integrated GPU is disabled. Thx gaming laptop
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