I "fight" with another developer at the end of a school project (a website).

The "other developer" complained because he had received a lower rating than mine.

He went to the teacher telling them that I had to lower the evaluation because during the project I watched TV series, And the teacher replied: there are those who can do it and some like you do not.

He could not do it because when he concentrated he could not do anything, you think when he lost himself in TV series.

There were various quarrels because I had this attitude but a higher rating (and anyway with a product a thousand times better than his), while he gave 100% he could not do anything.

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    I’m sorry I don’t really grasp the context, I have been reading over and over again, but I just can’t catch it
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    @devTea I think I understood it: OP was in a group project and was faster to do things (previous knowledge?), so he could watch TV, when the results came in, OP got a better rating than his partner, so the partner went to the teacher to complain about how OP was watching TV, to which the teacher replied - probably knowing that OP did a better job than his partner - that some can watch TV while getting things done, while other's with how they perform, can't.
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    @JoshBent Now I get it, at first I thought that OP have a group project with his partner and he reported OP to the teacher. Thanks for the explanation
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    @devTea yeah I had to re-read couple times too, dw
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    You should be graded on your skills and ability.
    Not your dedication and quantity of effort.

    If it takes someone hundreds of times longer to produce barely-functioning code, they should not receive a grade equal to someone who can finish the same project in ten minutes, with significantly higher code quality, while thinking about what to have for lunch.

    Results matter.
    Stories attached to results do not.
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