Blackest black, only for devrant++ users?
It's a bit like EA.
Yes, you pulled the content with one of your latest updates.
And, no! You can't use it because "give me fuckin' money"

Yeah. I know, I know. Servers are expensive and the expenses are growing with the number of active users.

But, I rather watch some ducking Ads, than spend my money on a regular base.

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    So. It wouldn't be that hard to add an option to activate ads in the settings in trade of the additional stuff.

    It would be something like
    devrant++ (with ads)
    devrant++ (payed 1.99$/month)
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    Pay or nvm

    You have a dark theme, while most apps doesn't

    (And hey you made yourself a devbanner! Thz! )
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    Last time I checked, non ++ members get ads on certain topics with web version.

    But FUCK ME IN THE ASS AND CALL ME CHARLIE!! is $2.99/month really that much? Fuck I would pay it per week if these guys allowed it!

    Have a downvote for wanting free shit, instead of supporting these guys.
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    @TylerDDevRant are you going to pay for them to add these new features you are requesting? If not then your opinion is unwelcome..
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    No, I don’t want ads on devRant, ty
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    I think for the most cases you're right.
    But there's a whole lotta users outta there, with a variety of personalities and different needs.
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    Yes. The banner generator is great.
    Maybe the devrant devs can add it in the menu of devrant
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