Ive got this colleague who knows so much about cloud services, networking etcetera, but 90% of the code he writes I have to rewrite in a way.

So many typos that classnames become unreadable and not understandable.
Small pieces of code that breaks so many other pieces of code.
And code which isnnt needed because it doesnt do shite. "o = (o==null?null: o)" (this is the exact thing he wrote (spacing included))

Sometimes it takes me 6 hours to find the source of an issue because he changed something. Everything I change I confront him about because they are things that can be avoided by rereading the code written.

Fucking doesnt wanna learn....

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    @Floydian good morning
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    @Codex404 "o = (o==null?null: o)" - huh? That is incredible....

    I once saw a block in some production code which was along the lines of...

    bool result = false;

    if (result) {

    //MASSIVE block of code....


    This was in production code bought from a 3rd party company.
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    I've seen with my own eyes code like this:

    if (something == true) {

    return true;

    } else {

    return false;

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    @ethernetzero thats code I removed two days ago, although the first if was without brackets so

    return true:
    return false:
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    @Codex404 Wow, that's a whole new level.
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