Me, a junior dev: * reports an important issue and a possible fix *

Senior dev 1: nah, it'll do just fine.

Senior dev 2: that won't be an issue, don't you see? It's under control, man.

Senior 3: why are you even here? Why are you even talking?

Manager: yeah, what could possibly go wrong?

* a year after releasing the product, one of the seniors got fired and another one was hired *

New senior: this thing is bananas, code is inconsistent and there's memory leaks everywhere, how does that even work?

Me: nobody believed me when I said that.

Manager: it did work very well, where's the issue?

Me: it's everywhere, goddammit! Don't you see?

New senior: junior dev is right.

Me: I've been a WHOLE YEAR saying that!

Manager: did you? Really? Nah, you didn't.


I'm tired of this shit.

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    Everybody's seeking devs and you're staying in a firm that doesn't listen to you. Wtf.
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    Where is this place? Buffallo?
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    As the guys mentioned, it's probably time to check new opportunities.

    And with the new challenges, you won't be a junior anymore ;)
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    This is a timely reminder that sometimes seniority is conveyed more by keeping one's seat warm than by actual knowledge or ability. I've met "senior" devs who couldn't code for toffee, or whose knowledge was limited to one very small domain and couldn't deal with anything even remotely beyond that. Ten years of experience can easily be the same ten years repeated, or ten years doing nothing outside installing Wordpress plugins.
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    At least now you got a nice senior. Should be easier, except all the fixing thats coming up.
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    They’re still referring to you as a junior after a year? 0.0
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    @AmyShackles actually I've been there for two years now
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    @MrJohnDoe And you’re okay with that?
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    @AmyShackles actually... No
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    @MrJohnDoe Have you said anything to management about it? I mean, if I was still being called a junior after a year, I’d fight it. Maybe they see your not arguing it as an indicator that you’re not confident enough to be more than a junior?
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    have the feeling that you've been thinking you're speaking up, but you actually didn't. communicate your concerns, point it out, emphasize, not once, not twice.. it's not easy, but it improves important skills.
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    You could have Filed a ticket or just sent an email describing the issue a year ago. :-(
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    I hope I wouldn't get this part of reality when I'll start working...
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    i would've gotten mad and said i didn't know that passion and integrity weren't what this office wanted
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