Are you willing to share details of your salary, or for contractors your daily/hourly rate? If you're not, that's interesting to know too.

Interesting to know;
- Currency (hopefully obviously)
- Location of work (or if remote, primary location of employer?)
- Contract type (FT/PT employee, contractor/freelancer)
- Job title (or general activity for contractors)
- Number of years in role/contracting
- Whether or not you would or have shared your salary with a co-worker (perhaps you're willing to share here but not with a co-worker)
- Gender

The 'Why is it soooo taboo to ask co-workers salary?' question made me think about this (https://devrant.com/rants/1557306/...)

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    Not a real job tho, first time being paid - a onepager.

    - Euro (€)
    - Germany, half remote, half at the agency (1 week, 30min away from home)
    - "Minijob"/Internship (=no taxes for me, b*tch!)
    - "Intern"
    - 0 (I had a 2 week unpaid internship there before)
    - No? (I honestly don't get the question)
    - Male, student btw, <18yo
    — ~400€ (once)

    Edit: he wanted to pay me more, but that's not legal as a minijob - I guess they plan to recruit me..
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    Could you make a gist we could just copy? And assume this is before taxes, pensions. Maybe not include cash bonuses
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    @jespersh Good points. Yes pre-tax, maybe "benefits" as a catch-all for bonuses or particularly good employer pension contributions?
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    @1989 The reason I am asking is because of the question referenced in my question. I'm wondering if people are really willing to talk about their salaries. I'll be honest, I'm not.
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    @1989 That's fair! To be clear, I'm asking because I'm interested in how many people are actually willing to discuss this more than I am the content of the responses.
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    I live in Belgium. I'm still a student and I work 1 month each summer to be able to pay my studies.

    Currently working for a big multinational in the sector of energy.

    Details :
    - work on site
    - creating an intranet using SharePoint + updating a database tool
    - student job, 20yo (very low taxes)
    - 40h/week
    - 9.96€/hour
    - 1638.26€/month
    - one 8€ lunch ticket/day

    Personally I have no taboo talking about salary if a coworker asks me the question. And as long as I remember, since my first job, I never had any problem talking about money.
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    - CHF (Swiss Dollhairs)
    - about 30 minutes by public teleport
    - parttime
    - "Software Developer" eventhough I do fullstack: Server installation, building pcs, big websites, apps, ...
    - 3 years at a real workplace, but I'd say about 5-8 years experience, depending on the task
    - nope, I have not and will not share it
    - I identify as an Oracle DB at the moment. ask me again in 10 minutes
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    South Africa


    IT Trainee

    1 Aug 2018 was 1 year

    Not shy about my salary, not allowed to share with co workers. I don't brag but I don't lie if asked my friends or relatives

    Male (20 years old)
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    I’ve been in contracting and full time for awhile, at my peak full time in London I was on 38k (£).

    Currently I’m contracting through my own company, working from home.

    I do 3-5 days a week.

    I receive £200 a day, with a deferment scheme to receive an additional £150 for every day worked once they close their funding round.

    I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve sort of jumped from job to job, and kicked out of a number of them, even paid to leave a couple (largely due to mental health).

    Each of my jumps usually saw a jump in salary on average of 5-10k.

    I’ve been in work for 6 years, I dropped out of uni (comp sci), and I’m 28.

    I now live back home with my mother in rural Wisbech, and working here from home has done wonders for my mental health away from the city.
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