Lol. Went out on a date with my fiance; updoots at 950something.
Just came back to 1003. Thank you Cyanide for 33 updoots, glad you like my rants^~^
Now i can get my cat 😁

  • 7
    @Cyanide thank you😄
  • 6
    @Alice thank you too. You crazy goddess of pink. 😄😘
  • 5
    I hope you don't have notifications on lol
  • 5
    @Stuxnet you are crazy. Thank you😅😄 How do i deserve this?

    Edit: i have notifs on. Thanks for vibration of death 😂
  • 5
    I used to try and keep my ++ count close to the number of ++ I had given.

    I failed miserably.
  • 5
    @WhAtEvErYoUmEaN you silly idiot. I love you 😅❤️
  • 3
    I see someone in nervous nineties or nine-hundreds, I upvote them to the next K :)
  • 5
    1380 now, not too bad! Hope your phone wasn't in your pocket and vibrating like hell :P
  • 2
    @Condor what the hell? 99 updoots, really? what did i do to deserve this? o.o Thank you mate ^~^ You are all crazy guys

    Edit: Thank god, no it wasn't. Was on my bed.
  • 5
    @KittyMeowstika haha, you're welcome! Looks like some of the updoots got truncated.. in total it was about 200 :P
  • 5
    (would've been interesting to know what would've happened if it was actually in your pockets the entire time though 😏)
  • 2
    @Condor propably not much because i have force doze enabled and i only get priority notifs if my phone is locked for a certain amount of time.

    200 you say? wtf. Thank you. You are a very crazy man :D
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