Seniors: Welcome to the team. Feel free to ask anything if you need help. There is no such thing as stupid questions.

New Dev: Sure. Thanks.

*a few minutes later*

New Dev: How to comment a code?

Seniors: Google it....and please don't ask stupid questions.

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    Empty gestures are common.
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    @Alice I'm a firm believer there are, in fact, very very stupid questions lol
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    I saw it on this and that page...why can't we do the same for ours?

    - Non-technical person
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    @Alice I can do it for the cheap cheap price of $100 USD + whatever Facebook is evaluated at currently.

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    @Alice gotta butcher the word pregnant.

    Try "can I get pregarnant from my dog?" lol
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    The other day this came up during lunch, after a good hour of discussion, we arrived at: "Questions are not inherently stupid, however a person may make a question stupid by asking it with enough context to be able to answer it themselves"
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    Can write code but can’t comment it?
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    @Stuxnet “What’s a variable?”
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    @Alice seems to be a common thing to get pregnant from a dog
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    "How do I comment code?"
    "How did you get this job?"
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    @segfault0xff maybe asking for the company standard style 🤔?
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