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    It's like owning a Old 2003 Pc, A day you would need to replace it. It's the same thing with PHP, that's why NodeJS and these Languages (I think NodeJS is based on Javascript so it's not actually a language but anyway I'm a Front-end dev so I don't know) are the future.
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    @Squarety not really. PHP is not classic ASP(meaning it aint about to die with limited support or anything)...it has evolved and continues to receive updates to work faster and taking advantage of the hardware.

    Node is written in cpp as a runtime for JS. Js is nice on the server and by all means can be used pleasantly on server side development. But to compare php with old hardware is kind of funny.
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    I write a bit of scientific computing code and i recently switched to fortran 2008. Right now i believe my prototyping is faster than the folks using python.
    Also I recently picked up lisp as a second language. You can do wonders with it. I think new and shiny isnt always better. Even from a prototyping point of view.
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    @Squarety Well you can say the same bad thing about node js you can say about php.

    Disclaimer: I'm a PHP dev and I hate JavaScript with burning passion.
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    You are all forgetting html, my favorite language
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