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    That I dont like people who think they are "real" and use it as an excuse to put them selves on a pedestal above others because they don't think exactly like they do.

    Gatekeepers of authenticity is a good way someone described it as.

    Like, you are not a real developer because you don't code in C. You don't use Linux, you don't have enough passion, you only do it for the money. Etc.

    I don't believe this type of exclusion is good for anyone. And I'm finding my self in fights, over and over again on this topic.
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    @AlexDeLarge 🤷‍♂️

    Mistakes were made. In my mind it's not hard to figure out what top shit means.

    But I'm not perfect and going back in time is hard. Sometimes thoughts that are clear to one self is very unclear to others.
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    You hungry, bro?
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    As a web/game and php dev, i hear it often, but who cares ? Yes i did a lot of c and cpp, but I'm a dev, that's my job and I'm (well) paid for.
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    Top shit? Is that a new buzzed word?
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    Saying "top shit" is pretty common, really surprised to see so many people confused about it. Even if English ain't your primary language.

    And I agree, elitist pricks suck. We got fuckloads of them inside the development community(sadly)
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    I think I'm the polar opposite, do we have to fuck?
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    @inaba So you are an elitist fuck who think you are better than everyone else?

    Or what?
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    @BigBoo I said I was the opposite :v
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    @inaba Opposite to what though? Opposite to me or opposite to what I can't stand?
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    @BigBoo Then let me spell it out for you (I know the idiom doesn't work that well in text shhhhh :v)

    You will fight anyone tho thinks they're top shit.

    I do not think I am top shit.

    I in fact think I'm the opposite.

    Therefore, do we fuck?
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    @inaba The opposite of me would be fighting people who don't think they are top shit though. But I get it now.
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