So far all designers I worked with do the following:
1. Use "creativity" to come up with stuff that the system does not allow implementing, for example: Changing clock color in mobile statusbar to Blue!
2. Use "creativity" to come up with a heavily customized calendar for a windows software which requires building the control from scratch, but they explain their creativity by saying: Can't you use CSS?
3. Provide iOS only design which follows android guidelines and refuse to provide android styles for at least pages that to be handled differently on each platform, for example, we had a checkout page in an app, and they wanted the same style for both WITHOUT building custom control for it, they said: Can't you use the android custom control inside iOS
4. They design for a website and send same mockups for me to implement on mobile apps, the problem is a web page runs on a big screen when the mobile app doesn't have room for half the stuff they designed but they must look exactly the same as website !!
5. They send entire PSD with no color codes and say: You can extract icons, and colors from psd ... When they should provide them as per our request which is: SVG for Android and PDF for iOS with the color codes, but no, they are lazy!
6. They ask the team to create a page in the app which is almost production ready just so that they test different font sizes and see how it will look on the phone
7. Same as #6 for images that contain text

The list goes on, but those are by the far the ones that made me one step away from resigning, some of them made me resign...

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    All these issues are solvable by discussion and management involvement. To have any success you have to break down the walls of exclusion and educate each other. If you jump ship you will find it elsewhere.
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    @helloworld You think I did not try? What management says:

    1. How hard can it be, just do it and don't throw excuses.

    2. It can be done on web, why are you saying it cannot be done on mobile, what does it need? Just throw a simple CSS there and you're good to go!

    3. Do what the designer asked for! We like it that way
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    @helloworld if by that you meant change jobs I did, but what annoys me is, how long do I have to keep on changing? its just bad man :\
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    except for the sending the psd without external assets, wtf? 🙈
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    @heyheni it sucks 🤦🏼‍♂️
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