Any technical cofounders here? I've been offered to be a technical co-founder for a new venture. This is a venture that has the same founding team as the startup I'm working with for last 3 years or so. The current venture may be acquired in the near future with the founding team exiting.

Now my question (s) are these:
1. I know the team. We're friendly. But until now the relationship has been that of an employer-employee. What all should i consider before taking this up?
2. Since founders generally take up salaries only what is required for them to sustain. It would mean a financial cut for me too. So I'm stuck in the dilemma of moving towards an entrepreneurial route vs if it fails and I've to work again i may have to start off with a lower salary in the future.

I'm a risk taker (some call it seeker) when it comes to that. Looking forward for some helpful suggestions.

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    Just go for it. If you believe in the team and idea. As far as financial things are concerned you can negotiate about that and equity.
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    My only advice is don’t get sucked into doing what’s normal or playing it safe. I say take the risk. Whether it works out or not it’s still a better idea than playing it safe.
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    @devios1 thanks. I'm pretty cautious about not being that.
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