So I decided to ditch Apple MacOS go with Linux so I’m the process of trying to sell my MacBook Pro which seems like it’s going to take a while since I don’t have eBay so if you’re in the USA and are interested let me know. Now the trying to decide which Linux distro, I’m currently leaning towards Arch Linux plus looking for the best laptop workstation that’s supported by Linux seems like its going to be a headache. On a good note my unixstickers arrive in the mail yesterday.

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    Craigslist? Facebook market? Word of mouth?

    Yeah yeah I don't need you tin foil hats getting your panties wadded because I said Facebook. But it's a good place if you're trying to sell some shit pretty quickly, especially something loved by the masses like a MBP.
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    As for distros, I'm running mint as my intro to Linux distro. I'll try something else a bit more advanced in a few months or so.
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    @stuxnet posted on fb yesterday so far only one guy was interested and just to find out he want to trade for two other apple shits lol an air and a Pro from like 2012. I am not trying to get rid of one just two get two. No thank you. Have my eye on a dell precision laptop with a quad core, as long as it’s supported by Linux which it should since they offered it with Ubuntu as option but I hate Ubuntu. 🙃
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    Have you tried installing Linux on the Macbook itself?

    It can be kinds fiddly to start with but it flys on Mac hardware
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    NO I haven't but being that it's a 2017 model might have hardware that's currently unsupported
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    go antergros
    it's arch based
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    Raspbian on a raspberry pi is a great place to start learning linux.

    Or install "GNURoot Debian" on your android phone. It has the apt-get package manager and full busybox tools. bash, gcc, etc. I even installed latex, gnuplot, form, and ngspice on mine (although I had to modify the source code in ngspice to use dumb terminal graphics in plots).
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