Quick Survey:
- What's your job title?
- Since when are you at your current job?
- Are you satisfied with your current pay?
- How long ago was your last raise? (If any)

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    Linux sysadmin
    December 2015
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    - Software Eng 1
    - November 2017
    - yes
    - a month ago
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    - Software engineer trainee
    - last July
    - lul. What is happiness
    - expecting it any day now
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    August 2017
    God no
    I’m a student...
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    Web Dev
    Aug 2017
    Never heard of it
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    Java developer
    Sep '16
    hell no...
    Like 8 mos ago or so. Either it happens again someday soon or I'm out
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    Like 3 weeks ago
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    - Full Stack developer

    - July 2017

    - it's okay

    - none til now but get a raise in september and every january for next 5 years
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    Senior web developer
    October 17
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    -Undergraduate Research Assistant
    -Feb 2018
    -No, they follow university procedures that don’t make sense
    -a month ago (extra 40 cents/hr lul)
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    - Frontend developer, but currently doing fullstack, and Java.

    - month and a week

    - partially. I would be happier if it would be higher. I'm considered junior still so it should get better from here.

    - too soon


    -Freelance fullstack


    -pretty good when there are jobs.But since I got a job it's hard to keep up.

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    Software Developer
    3 Years
    3 months ago
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    - Junior web developer

    - 1 year and 24 days

    - Hmm... yeah

    - A month ago
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    Fun little query! I'm curious to know if you're a statistician now :D
    - Front Office Engineer (I do supervision work)
    - Feb '18
    - I could go for more, but I love the job, so I'm gonna go with 'yes'
    - A week ago, but I'm gonna start on a new position on the 1st of August as Junior Service Engineer, which will pay 33% more.

    So I'm transitioning right now. I love the place I work at, my manager built a custom new position just for me and I find that amazing. I'm gonna do server admin/service troubleshooting and generally make sure that the servers work properly. AMA.
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    Linux Support Engineer
    September 2017
    Not revealing
    Not revealing
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    @julianmd I'm still a student, but yes I do study statistical machine learning.
    This survey is purely out of interest though, and I promise I won't use it further than reading your experiences.
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    @pyrestone I wouldn't even mind if you did! ML and AI are what I'm most afraid of learning, it's not because I've tried them and they didn't suit me, it's just a fear of not understanding them. How's it been for you to learn?
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