So i found a samsung gear fit 2 (one of those exercise smart watches) and i couldn't find the owner (no information on the watch ), so now i ordered a charger and i might keep it, am i a cunt? I kinda feel like one..

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    Where you found it?
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    @carlosjpc on the street
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    @S-Homles-MD 2fast4u
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    Effort made.
    Keep it.
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    I've lost a miband before, probably somebody out there doing the same, morally wrong though
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    I think you can even connect to it and it'll tell you an email or username iirc
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    @JoshBent How is it immoral if you cannot find the owner after giving it your best effort?

    Would it be better to throw it away?
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    @Root OP sounds like he silently whispered out the window if anybody has lost a fitbit and gave up, as said I think you can get the data from it iirc, especially from those fitbits (fitbit ID, connected email etc.), just need to google, this isn't even a subjective question, it is immoral to keep somebody elses device, word it however it calms you best.
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    @Root just in before you quote him saying "(no information on the watch)" - that to me implies he went through the menu on the watch itself, but hasn't actually looked at its connected state data, without wiping it of course.
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    Make an actual effort to try and find out who the owner is.
    If that fails I'd keep it.

    If I'd be the one who lost it I'd hate myself, but would rather have somebody have fun with it, than it just been thrown away or sitting at some lost & found.
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    @JoshBent @jonii @Root my choice of words might not have been the best but, heres a longer answer:
    since i had no charger i couldn't connect it anywhere (it ran out of battery a few minutes later after i checked all the options on the menu) and the "me looking for owner" was basically checking settings, googling for answers (which suggested delivering it to lost & found bc that model as no way to track the owner) and general "Facebook search" for anyone who posted about losing it (i found it at my parents hometown which is a small village so Facebook was probably my best chance).

    I also checked if the s/n was registered to a Samsung account, it's not.
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    @BlankB if you feel you've given your best effort to return it, I don't see any issue with keeping it. Consider it good luck 😊

    (If you haven't, though, shame on you.)
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    I got one of those and I dont think you can identify the owner. So Id just keep it as well
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    You could do the old fashioned thing ace put up a notice that says you found a Fitbit here. People wanting to claim it must bring since proof that it's theirs (know what it looks like, I'd it has some specific scratches, bring the charger etc.). It might belong to a jogger with a set route or someone in the neighborhood.

    Depending on the country you live in, if nobody claims it, bring it to the lost and found.
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