Good morning devRant.

Here's a good question. What is the worst tool you've tried that was recommended to you? Could be a text editor, IDE, STACK setup, etc.

For me that tool was Eclipse with JavaEE. Not Spring/Hibernate or Maven, but specifically JavaEE in Eclipse. I probably lost over 2 1/2hours configuring that beast to work and it would still break every half hour or so. Drove me crazy enough to switch to IntelliJ. It's one of the rare cases where a free application just wasn't as good as a paid for application. :/

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    Xcode. I just ranted about the crappy UI for adding a signing certificate to an Apple ID.

    Of course, it's not really so much recommended as it is REQUIRED. And that's terrible.

    One thing that has amazed me is the way Xcode 9 seemed to abandon Swift 2.x entirely.

    So I'm working on binding an old swift library and I have to install an old version of YOUR flagship IDE to work on YOUR LANGUAGE, Apple?
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    Dr. Memory on a Windows machine
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    Some obscure simulator for a specific assembler dialect. The thing refused to work on anything but special VMs on the lab computers. And for some reason it treated JMP and RET differently
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    It's possible to use netbeans instead of intellij for free and good stuff right? (I'm not into java, but so far i remember, netbeans worked good)
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    @Jakuho I don't have a ton of experience with it. I know that @linuxxx uses it though.
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    @starrynights89 @Jakuho I love netbeans! And i refuse to use closed source code editors which means that I don't have that many options :)
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    Electron/Anything that uses Electron (besides Discord, somehow it pulled it off). It's an awful, unusable, unstable, ram-devouring pile of absolute fucking shit. There are no adjectives in the English language descriptive enough to accurately relay how much I absolutely abhor this fucking monstrosity.
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    We HAVE to use JDeveloper at work, worst Java IDE I've ever come across. We have to use it because "other IDEs don't integrate properly with the other Oracle products we use"
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    @TheBeardedOne I actually feel really sorry for you mate.
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    @prvInSpace fortunately, I'v actually mostly been doing .NET stuff so it's not too much of a program in my life
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