As child: 'When I grew up and earned some money I'm gonna by a full Photoshop-Version.' 😎
Now: 'You cannot buy it fully anymore.' 😫

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    10€/month for Photoshop and Lightroom is such a great deal tho.
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    @Marl3x Yeah I agree that it is affordable. 😊 It's just not the same feeling though... 😋
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    on the one hand i understand why companies rather want to sell software as a service than as a product, and i also see how its cheaper to pay a monthly fee for something, especially when the costs comes the same when factoring in yearly updates.

    BUT, i want to own things, it just feels better to pay 12x the price and call it "mine" despite having to pay additonal funds to keep the stuff updated. so that you dont break even after 12 Months anyway.

    As a private user that maybe could use photoshop once in a while monthly fees are outrageous..but i guess one could do whatevery one else does and set sails
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