I live in an apartment building that has about 20 floors. About once every month, I'm either waiting for the elevator or in it, and the floor indicator display flashes "14" very quickly no matter what floor the elevator is actually on. Whenever this occurs, it's always 14 that gets shown.

This has made me think about what this bug looks like and if it will ever be fixed. Will they ever update the firmware in the elevators? Is it a software issue? It could also be a hardware problem. Either way, every time it happens I think about it and if this bug will ever be fixed.

I've decided to call it the "phantom floor 14 bug."

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    Debugging a lift..that would be a nice change:)
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    Why people of 2016 never think it can be a ghost or maybe it's a sign of god or demon and not a bug....
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    @sam0 we're coders, only ghost we know is ;
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    @Lukas it would be interesting, I'm curious where they even start.
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    @gashadokuro that's neat, it must've been the best feeling the times you randomly got 2 :)
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    @gashadokuro Depending on the machine, you can set them up for things like this. Maybe that's what happened and whoever done it either did by accident, was testing it or who knows! haha
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    @dfox how about starting on the 14th floor?
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    You intrigued me and my colleagues when I told 'm about this issue... "Liftbug" has become a common way of describing an inexplainable bug at our workplace :) @dfox
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    @Lukas I like that name!
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