Google 1:0 Flat Earthers

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    Lmao at people who are really trying to win the minds of flat earthers.

    Giving in to an argument with them just legitimizes their point of view more.

    Like there was a debate to be had in the first place.
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    I'm pretty sure 99% of 'flat-earthers' are just trolling.
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    Hasn't that been possible in Google earth since idk forever?
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    Nope, I've checked it on my screen and it was still flat. I even touched the screen to make sure it wasn't round. Nope, still a flat Earth image on a flat screen.
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    Google should really stop enforcing their views and opinions.... 😂😂😂 /s
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    @gurumeditation it works on desktop maps. App maps haven't received the update yet
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    It's sad to think that there are still people in 2018 that believe in a flat earth.
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    @lewis wow it really makes desktop screens to become round?
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    For once I actually trust what Daily Mail says

    Remember: This is an outlet that no longer counts as a veritable source in Wikipedia articles
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    @monzrmango nope. We don't troll. And this is just Google's illusion.
    To verify, open Google Earth, now slide your fingers across that fake round earth. What do you feel on your fingers? Flatness or roundness? Definitely flatness. It clearly shows they're lying with these fake images
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    In the app?
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