When you've convinced a good number of your colleagues to try out Protonmail then you find out later that they're not using it anymore because it doesn't support the Gmail Android app 😬😬😬

Even if it's supported, WHAT THE FUCK is the point of using e2e encrypted email if you're accessing it using 3rd party apps?

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    They should make the app opensource, because Im not getting alerts for emails where any other email app does. Its not giving me notifications because I dont have google on my phone.
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    @Codex404 Tutanota.
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    @Root guess Im switching over :D
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    Tried both and ended up with Protonmail. But that's just personal preference, not because of any feature one has over the other
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    @LrdShaper Tutanota has a catch all proton doesnt have, thats my main reason for going to switch
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    Most of my people(outside of work) can't even be bothered to setup e2ee...
    Am I the only one who still tries to convince them to use their brain instead of just handing out all their data to everyone on a silver plate?
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    Guess Im not switching over, with tutanota people apparently get a link with the message if they dont have it themselves... So not user friendly. I will pay some more for catchall mail addresses and will wait for the notification fix
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    @Linux I recall that you've got some pretty solid views about ProtonMail, particularly regarding the lack of RFC standards compliance?

    As for me, I don't like ProtonMail to be honest. Sure between its users it could work, and it'd work well. However it doesn't interface well with other email providers at all, be that clients or servers.

    The first thing you learn as a postmaster is that you'll somehow have to be able to deliver to as many other domains as possible, and thus adjust your configuration accordingly. Initially I enforced TLSv2 which is currently a standard.. or so I thought. All emails from the government were rejected by my server, so now I'm using an opportunistic TLS configuration.

    As for encryption, not many people use it but I'm using PGP for signing my email, and encrypt my email with the same if the recipient is also a PGP user. This is all RFC-compliant, which ProtonMail isn't. Hence why it's only compatible with its own client, and its own users - which is more often than not bad practice.
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    Yeah I had, but I honestly dont remember exactly what because I get triggered everyday by reading the mail.log.

    I dont like it either, in fact - I dont like that my emails is in the hands of other people. Companies can promise how much they want about their security and honesty. But in the end many of them still have the possibility to snoop.

    Also, as long you are using good ciphers, you can use TLS1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 without problem.
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    @ThreadRipper yeah I saw, need to upgrade for that, but it will be worth it.
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