I stopped drinking about five years ago.
That shit is poison yo.

Winners don't do drugs.

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    You're technically correct. But special beers 😍
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    Yes, most of them are stripped of their medals and shit, but they still won it lmao.
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    @Stuxnet Win the game, lose at life.

    I could probably be more productive at work by abusing Adderall. But I don't. Because that's not the kind of person I want to be.

    Coffee is the strongest drug I'll take as long as I am healthy. I enjoy not having to take medications. That will probably change when I get older. But right now I am thankful as fuck for being alive and healthy.
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    @linuxxx I was a whiskey/beer man before I quit. So I get it. And sure, I don't have a problem. I could probably drink on special occasions and have nice drinks.

    But I also know that, with my genes, that's a slippery slope.
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    I also quit a time ago.
    I enjoy a glass of whisky every now and then, that's all.
    Still smoking, but I feel, the time is coming to get rid of this too.
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    I don't like you.
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    I mean, I'm literally the opposite. But, if you feel happy dud, I'm glad :)
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    Fuck alcohol.
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    *awkwardly trying to jump into conversation*

    I like all films with good boobs. :3
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    @Alice @bigus-dickus I know right? They are very fulfilling. Life will be pretty dull if homosapiens have similar boobs like cats and dogs 🤔
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    Boobs are justice
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    I'll say yes to alcohol anytime.

    Drugs? Wouldn't think twice about rejecting it. Didn't even try weed during the times I was in Amsterdam
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    Thought it would be more hate on my opinion on the use of drugs. But I guess not.
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    @linuxxx they're all special
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    @BigBoo Why would there be hate?

    You haven't said anything positive about Microsoft/Windows, Google, Apple or Facebook. As well as you haven't said anything negative about linux.

    In the eyes of many, you've not done a damn thing wrong lol
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    @Stuxnet Haha, well that's right. But whenever you take a hard stance on a topic you risk to alienate people.

    My winners don't do drugs statement can be taken as if I see myself as the winner and everyone around me who drinks are losers.

    In reality it's not that binary. I also don't think everyone needs to be sober just because I am, nor would I want to illegalize it.

    I would prefer that people didn't want to though. But you can't force someone to want something. And more regulations would only fuck those who are on bottom.

    But I did no such clarification, so I would think there would be more hate. Basically on the grounds that it was more of a definitive statement.

    Oh well. Can't complain that people agree or support my right to have such an opinion.
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    @LrdShaper > says yes to alcohol anytime
    > Doesn't do drugs

    Sorry man, that's not how it works
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