Is it possible to be well paid as a game developer?

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    Yes. But it's possible to be well paid if you are the best at *anything*.
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    I'd love to even find a job as a game dev, let alone be well paid ;___;
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    Nope. Everything is impossible.
    Notch is broke.
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    If money is the primary motivation, you're unlikely to obtain the skill required to be on top. You should instead find the thing you want the most, and strive to be the best at that thing. Once you have moderate skill, market yourself, keep raising your price (and skills to match), and you'll be paid well at whatever you want
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    @jschmold who said it was the primary motivation?
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    @BigBoo Notch wasn't employed. And even if it s what I want to do I have to get a secondary idea if it doesn't work
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    @Orionss He was.
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    @BigBoo yes but it didn't make him rich
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    You know why games devs are paid badly? Because enough of them are so gullible that they swallow the false dichotomy between "well paid" and "interesting job". Their managers who take the money must be laughing their asses off.
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    @Orionss It did though.
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    @1989 wlc baq
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    @platypus especially if that's your answer during a job interview...

    A: What do you do?
    B: ANYTHING. *Creepy grin and stare*
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