Laptop should be like this ???

Yes or no !!?

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    If it makes you happy then, yes, it absolutely should.
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    Depends, I got my laptop because it looks good, I'm not planning on covering it up with stickers
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    Looks like they all fell on the left side.
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    If you're seeking attention, then yes.
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    Of course not! That corner needs more stickers!
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    This is awesome!
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    I mean ide never do that to any of my computer hardware, but to each there own, you do you.
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    If it is your own laptop then you can do whatever you like. If you're happy with stickers then do it. If not then don't.

    Personally I don't like stickers on my laptop 😀
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    Stickers van be fun but personally I don't like it when my laptop looks like someone vomited logosoup over it.

    I did create an Apple Probook once. Confused the hell out of people 😄.
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    DELL + DigitalOcean == AWESOME
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