So today my company was removing most workspaces with USB 2 connections, DP cables and magsafe 2 power cables. This means that my MBP mid 2014 can't connect to the keyboard and monitors anymore. It already struggled with 4K, so my 2K options were already limited, but now the last few spots are mostly gone. In short: I'm being forced to upgrade.

But tell you what: I don't want to. It feels like a waste to recycle my laptop (even if it's company paid and owned) while it's perfectly acceptably fine. And mind that I will get the latest and greatest i9 for free. Yes, that overheating, throttling failure of hardware design piece of shit. 2 coworkers already own the beast and confirm that it gets really hot really quickly. One of them even has daily crashes (the laptop just turns off) and random reboots. A total waste of money. And my future time. As if it's not enough work to migrate to a new laptop (even with Time Machine).

So, fellow ranters, what do I do? I hope I can leverage the second best MBP (CPU-wise) from this situation, unless there already is a bunch of i9s in the office ready to be used. I really, really don't want one. And I think my current computer is great for what it is, even if it's old. It's a really pro machine for my needs (I'm very efficient, except for Android Studio).

I even consider asking for a Linux machine, but then a whole new world opens to me that may be a step too big (since I barely have hands-down experience).

Enlighten me with your ideas, muggles!

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    apple told that a software patch will solve the overheating problem?
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    @heyheni that patch already exists and results in my coworkers' experiences... So it's a fluke.
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    @heyheni Sound like the software update to lower emissions of cars 😂🤣
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    @egix exactly... Simply bad thermal design around the CPU means that only throttling down can solve the problem.
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    After some additional investigation, it turns out that the i9 after the patch doesn't really throttle badly: it's just a hard cpu to thermally manage. There's no other i9 laptop that really can reach the i9's maximum turbo frequency. That doesn't make the MBP good, though: the cpu simply isn't manageable, so you're paying for unreachable power. Unfortunately, that's true for all i9 laptops. What's better is the higher average speed. Also, the rest of the i9 MBP's hardware is high end as well, so it's still a great machine. (except for the keyboard, maybe)

    I just hope I can use it on my lap (you know, where the word laptop comes from), as it might be too hot for that. And that it doesn't suffer from kernel panics.
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