Elon's threatening to take Tesla private!

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    I personnaly cant understand how ppl would want to sue something like that. In fact market is completly irrational and should never have existed in the first place...
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    @hube comming from someone with zero books read in economics. I bet..
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    @hube I agree. The stock market makes no sense.
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    Would this mean Musk is 420 friendly at work then? 😉🤔
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    Musk knows these media cocksuckers love speculation.. so he said he's considering it to troll the FUCK out of them. Well played Mr. Musk!
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    @segfault0xff the $420 pricetag does have a trolly feel doesn't it?
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    @devios1 yep sure does. Haha I love it
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    Another crazy PR stunt that's just complete BS? Same like with those "removed Facebook pages" that in reality were merely unpublished. I'm kind of tired about it to be honest. All his achievements seem to just be PR and shelling money at known technologies and calling it "innovation". At least the losses he makes year after year for Tesla get him followers I guess...
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    @Condor lol I love all of it.. if you treat all this horseshit for what it is, entertainment, it all makes sense. Never a dull day, especially with mind-numbingly dull journalists 🤣🤣🤣
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    I don’t know enough to know the advantages and disadvantages of going from public to private. With that said, I can see at least one large benefit.

    It seems like in today’s (American and surrounding) climate it would be detrimental to be at the whim of a public market. You have to deal with troll on all sides of the coin, you could have the tides turn on your stock price because of a rumour and an bunch of pussy, justice (reads circle jerk) hungry keyboard warriors grabbing their digital pitch forks and torches at the drop of a hat.

    To be blunt. (Speaking to today general public) The public is largely out of its fucking mind. A bunch of short-term dopamine junkies not knowing why they are so angry and looking to fuck shit up combined with a high level of misinformation and stupidity. The public seems like a pretty shitty place to do business these days.

    I can see how a private company would tempting.
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    @leanrob I came here specifically to say this.
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