Creativity -= 100;

I guess no home project for tonight...

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    If you are doing this for karma or attention, this is pathetic.

    Else, I wonder that you need to intoxicate yourself for being motivated, creative and productive. Man you need introspection and there is something wrong in your life that you rely heavily on alcohol. Sad that we have people leading this kind of life.
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    @Floydian Wow. That was rather uncalled for. I don't know (and don't care) about your opinion on alcohol but I thought that tag "joke" is enough for people to understand that I'm not serious in this post.

    I guess that next time I should add some emojis so you won't get offended.
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    @Agred then post it under joke. Not under rant.
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    @Floydian Right. Sorry, sweety.
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    @Agred No worries. Next time for sure :)

    Peace prevails!
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    Was about to say I finally found my spirit animal but then read the comments and learned that you were joking. What a let down 😭
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    @cursee Sorry to disappoint you ;) I do love whisky while coding in Unity tho. And I'm currently working on drinking game so... 😏
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