Coffee or no Coffee?

How many shots a day?

Opinions on how coffee should be used?

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    No objections to coffee, but don’t require it. Have a preference for cold drinks most of the time, so it’s usually Diet Coke for me.
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    5 - 6 / day

    Pure black with lots of sugar.

    I could make a dark joke but I'm out to get another coffee
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    Got rid of coffee at work completely.

    Replaced it with water, tea or cocoa.

    It just didn´t do anything anymore. The caffeine resistance was already too high.

    Still drink coffee at home on the weekends though.
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    @RadiatorTwo I think I could try that, I took a week off and I was a bit better off but it feels nice to have the ability to wake myself up and give myself a boost (even if my tolerance requires 8 shots to do it)
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    @qwerty77asdf After a few weeks I recognised a few changes.

    I slept better and got more easily out of bed in the morning.

    But also some negative stuff. Concentration was bad for some time. (Probably some symptoms of withdrawal)

    After a month or so it was ok again.

    I recommend fruits, like apples and bananas together with some oatmeal. That really helps in the morning.

    At the moment (befcause of the heat) I´m eating watermelon almost daily.
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    @RadiatorTwo ah, I see. Well, I'll probably give a long term break a go some time :)
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    No coffee unless I'm dropping dead and need to stay awake.

    Drinking it regularly reduces its effect when most necessary
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    No coffee ..
    Black tea with milk and some sugar twice a day!
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    About 5 per day, milk but no sugar. The first in the morning can be from the thermos coffee pot from the day before, half a minute in the microwave will do the trick. Some co-workers find that disgusting, which forces them to do the first fresh coffee in the morning.
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    3-6 Cups a day. Black, no sugar.

    How I use it? Mainly I drink it (with my mouth). Tried it once through the arse....didn't work so well. And unfortunately I am no elephant and can't try to drink it through my trunk.
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    4 - 8 a day. Black.

    Usecase: in the morning after taking a shower, one on the train station while waiting. From then on, every cigarette break (about 4 a day including lunch).
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    One in the morning with milk.
    Rest depends on the day.
    In stressful phases it can get more and at some points energy drinks. Butt that's rare.
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    Black. Just like the word 'coffee' implies.
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    @AlexDeLarge do you smoke all of this at once?!
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    0 Coffee but up to 3 energy drinks
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    I don't drink coffee. I don't have anything particular against it but I just don't.

    I just drink water. No coke or energy drinks, I do have things against those.
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