am I the only one for whom all of the ++ notifications are just white noise?

i mean... I'm happy that my text/thought was good enough for you to be worth of one mouseclick, but I don't care.

give me an actual human thought/response.
anything else is worthless or irrelevant, really...

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    You aren't.
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    same with all of the like and thumbs up and whatever drivel on any site
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    @Alice thank you :)

    (even though I'm starting to feel like you are a bot, with how prolific you are anywhere I look)
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    @Midnigh-shcode well, you can't completely deny that it is in fact a kind of communication. But beyond that, an actual conversation is way more interesting.

    It gets fucked up when people compare their amount of likes to others and think they say anything about how much they are worth as a person.
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    @Midnigh-shcode You can count yourself to the club of people who created that little conspiracy theory that I am a bot for specific purposes on devRant.
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    Yea I remember when I first started using this site I was digging through the options trying to figure out how to turn those off.

    Notifications on here are just mostly noise.
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    Youre mom gay
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    @Midnigh-shcode "It gives my life a meaning. I got popular at school thanks to that!"

    @sharktits no u
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    I felt compelled to go through all your comments and ++ them... But I'm not a bad person... (I hope!)

    But for real, I agree with you... I'd rather have a comment than 750++ (in spite of the free swag...)
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    I'm glad that I got less ++ noti than other type.

    Or should I ? 🤔
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    @sharktits Parse error: Nonsense to word ratio too high. Syntactic-semantic autocorrection aborted.
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