am I the only one for whom all of the ++ notifications are just white noise?

i mean... I'm happy that my text/thought was good enough for you to be worth of one mouseclick, but I don't care.

give me an actual human thought/response.
anything else is worthless or irrelevant, really...

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    same with all of the like and thumbs up and whatever drivel on any site
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    @Alice thank you :)

    (even though I'm starting to feel like you are a bot, with how prolific you are anywhere I look)
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    Yea I remember when I first started using this site I was digging through the options trying to figure out how to turn those off.

    Notifications on here are just mostly noise.
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    Youre mom gay
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    @Midnigh-shcode "It gives my life a meaning. I got popular at school thanks to that!"

    @sharktits no u
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    I felt compelled to go through all your comments and ++ them... But I'm not a bad person... (I hope!)

    But for real, I agree with you... I'd rather have a comment than 750++ (in spite of the free swag...)
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    I'm glad that I got less ++ noti than other type.

    Or should I ? 🤔
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    @sharktits Parse error: Nonsense to word ratio too high. Syntactic-semantic autocorrection aborted.
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