Not sure if this should be a proper rant about the reasons behind this, or a simple 'so much win' situation..
CTO asked how I'm doing with task xy.. my answer: mostly should be fixed, but I'm trying to figure out this zz thing.. It is so fucked up, I can't make sense of it.. before I could really finish the sentence CTO was like: shut up, don't tell me about it, we know, just please fix it..can you fix it? Please say yes..and don't talk about this anymore.. 😂😂😂

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    Desperate times 😁
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    @cursee require desperate measures..
    But I think he now regrets the decision of assigning xy task to my coworker instead of me in the first place... It's hilarious..😂😂😂😂😇
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    @sladuled double desperate times LOL 🤣
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    I would have said, "You asked. Also, I'd appreciate being treated like a person."
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    @bahua Hahahaa, maybe I wasn't describing in enough detail..

    He was laughing jokingly while saying this, not trying to be harsh or anything, just pointing out he knows how fucked up this code is and feels sorry that I have to clean up...

    Come to think of it, we're like family here (some of us), so it's quite 'normal' to tell someone to go F themselves as a joke.. O.o OMG we are weird..
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    Ah, cool. Carry on, then.
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