you always learn something new everyday.

Strike a male USB cable on the back of an iMac, and you get yourself an unexpected shutdown.

oh, and a few cool sparks as well.

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    *gasp for air *

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    I was expecting something good, but this is more fun! Haahahhaa 😂
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    I just pictures a naked drug addicted (don't ask me), running around in an Apple store shutting down everything and screaming "MEEEEEEPS!".
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    What did you mean by striking the male usb?
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    Don't have a mac, didn't get the reference
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    Sounds like a short?
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    - stylish aluminium body
    - no idea how to properly ground it

    typical Apple - all style, no substance.

    also an example why the movement to make STEM into "STEAM", "including art and design so they can lead the technological innovation" is an utterly, completely idiotic idea =D
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    That is absolutely hilarious.
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    Damn pretty soon USBs are gonna contest for equality rights 😐
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