Around 5 months ago, I spent 3 whole months developing a social network... But made a huge mistake­čśĹ


Now I'm rewriting that social network from scratch in NodeJS

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    I'd use a combination of node and php. Php for the general api and node for anything requiring real time data from/to both the client and server.
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    Well, i do not see the problem..
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    > Now I'm rewriting that social network from scratch in NodeJS

    Two wrongs don't make a right!
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    @linuxxx I would like to implement node in my current php project for better ux. but I am current going strong 5 weeks past deadline
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    You do know Facebook was also written in PHP, right? It's a nice and fast language. I call bullshit on your story.
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    There's literally nothing wrong with PHP, i just like shitting on it.
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    obviously you haven't learned from your mistake =D
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    @PrivateGER Nice and fast language of the past­čśĹ now it sucks
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    Php is fast, reliable and has good performance, why'd you hate it? Node would be worse imo except for that it works great with sockets.
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    @thelegend200 You seem to not have used the current versions. Be so kind and do so.
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    What's wrong with PHP?
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    @PrivateGER The reason I regret writing it in PHP is because PHP doesn't have good support for websockets, and almost every social network needs websockets for chat, notifications and much more stuff
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    @thelegend200 Then you use a second node backend for that and don't rewrite the whole thing. That's just stupid.
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