So having gotten my hands on the books I need for the next semester I decided to go take a look at what's in them.

Now the first is mostly web stuff and the second is just about software design. It starts off with an introduction to HTML5, where they didn't really teach HTML5, more like they taught HTML3/4 but not in a way that was too dangerous. I can tolerate not having my semantic tags tbh. They also used spaces on both sides of the = for some reason.

Then a CSS chapter which was also surprisingly mediocre. They didn't use a dedicated CSS file, but I can live with that, for starters.

Then there were some surprisingly decent JS chapters. Although they did use newlines before their { kinda miffed me. There has also been a few developments since this books release, but tbh this isn't the worst case of outdatedness. (And at least they didn't use jquery when teaching JS)

Then a chapter on SQL which I ignored.

Then a chapter about PHP, and, uhm, when did this book get released? Well the ISBN is 978-0-13-215100-9 and using the power of Google we can reveal it was published in.. 2011..

I'm quite happy that I already know how to program

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    That's one of the problems with using books for academia. They're usually outdated in a few years, especially for subjects like web development.
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    @Pharilax It's actually the biggest problem (and the reason I didn't by any last semester) :v
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    And this is why I prefer to self-teach web development over depending on my college. :rolleyes:
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    Strings for colors 🤦‍♂️ welcome back to the 90's and the 1024 color palette
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    If this would get an A+ grade 🤦‍♂️ shoot me man
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    I stopped reading after unsanitized $_POST being dropped directing into a sql query.

    This is why people hate PHP, well this is why I hate most documentation on PHP, let’s not teach you as a beginner how not to protect your data.

    That and no functions or oop for DB wrapper, hard coded credentials inline.

    Is this a class on what not to do?
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    @C0D4 good for you man, pick the grapes you like maybe you can ferment them into a proper wine
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    i see no problem. the example showcases correct use of php how it was intended to be used by design.

    this design being utterly stupid and outdated in the first place? that's a completely different issue

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    @karma I use strings as colors for testing purposes only. Specially lime, yellow and red as they have high contrast. Its faster for me.
    Also, I never use colors "hardcode". I prefer creating a var with a proper name to the color (eg. Primary, Primary_dark, Primary_light, Primary_text, etc).
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    @Midnigh-shcode most of the functions here doesn't exist anymore (mysql_connect has been replaced by mysqli_connect for example), moreover, we should use the PDO for accessing databases in raw PHP if I'm right, it is a better practice if I remember
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    @Orionss oh, i see. i missed version 7 going out.
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    Great coding if you like SQL Injection attacks
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