My sleep pattern is royally fucked. I searched around for alarm apps that can help me get back on track. I found one called Alarmy. The list of features was mindblowing. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m on vacation. I’m using my mobile data as a hotspot to browse and do research as there are no other internet options here.

My alarm goes off at 6 AM. Everyone besides me is sleeping. Here is where the first problem arises. The only way to turn the alarm off is by taking a picture of something I have at home (This is how I force myself out of bed). I start panicking. How the hell am I going to shut this damn thing off. I try to turn the phone off, and that’s when I realize I’ve made a huge error. The pro version of Alarmy has a setting that allows you to prevent yourself from turning it off at all. Genius me thought that was a good idea. I fumble with my phone as the 1 minute mute timer they give you is slowly ticking down, before all hell breaks loose. That’s when it hits me. I have an LG G3 with replaceable batteries. My violently pounding heart rate start to slow down as I take off the case and slamdunk the phone until the battery falls out. I did it. I’m saved. 5 minutes later I turn my phone on, start the hotspot and get back to my browsing.

BEEP F*CKING BEEP. Alarmy is not done with me yet. It turns out they’ve implemented a new feature that continues the damn alarm after a shutdown. At this point I have ran out of options. I take the battery back out, and now I’m sat here without no phone or internet for the rest of my vacation, and with no clue what to do.

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    P.S this happened yesterday and i'm posting this with my dads limited data. See you guys in a few days.
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    @1989 There's a setting for preventing uninstallation. This thing is like a damn rootkit. Im sure ill find a solution though.
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    This is one of the best things I have read here 😂 ..I'm downloading the app
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    I have been using the same app for years no. I use the math problem trigger in which until I solve some basic multiplication problems, the alarm will keep on beeping.

    Guess what: The morning me is extremely good at solving mental math now! So win-win on both ends 😁
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    What's a sleep pattern? 😐
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    Become an android developer by tapping the build number until it says you are one now.

    Then in developer options enable the local terminal or get an app like terminal emulator and root your phone if needed. If you have root and terminal you have all the power to show that app who's boss :).

    Or you can try an app like 'disable service' to find and disable all services the app uses and is an app like titanium backup to freeze the app which prevents it from running.
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    @linuxxx It means patterns of yoga moves you perform while you sleep. I've been trying to develop myself a firefly—camel—plow pattern that I perform through the night.
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    If you camt uninstall it, it probably has admin privileges, disable that

    Or cuz u r using lg g3 you should be able to boot into boot mode and uninstall it.

    Fuxk those apps
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    @CozyPlanes Ye i gave it admin priveliges willingy as it was required to turn on the "cant turn off phone while alarm is going" feature (if i remember correctly). It's not the apps fault really, its actually quite great. I think i'll stick to the math problem solving rather than the picture method from now on though :p
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    @arcadesdude It's funny you should mention that. I was actually looking into Magisk before I went to bed that night.
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    @linuxxx I was convinced sleep pattern was the right words for it. I have been for so long damnit xd. Would sleep schedule be better?

    Clearly not a native english speaker
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    @KrissJonsi oh no it was a joke 😅

    As in, i don't have that, what is it? ;P
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    @linuxxx r/woosh

    Feeling more stupid by the minute haha
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    You could have just held the power button to turn it off ^^
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