Lost the password to the main modem/router of our apartment (live in a normal flat of which the rooms are rented out to three students and me) which is in my room and tried to reset the fucker for a trillion times but couldn't get back in, the password didn't reset.

Took a closer look at the reset button and suddenly noticed some text under it saying "wireless connect". Then I noticed a tiny round "hole" above the reset text.

Fuck my sideways, I've been pressing the "wireless connect" button instead of the actual reset one every goddamn time 😐

I can now port forward again 😊

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    I hope you turned off WPS
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    I'm amazed that your WPS button can take a trillion presses? From the NetGear "Pro" line?
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    @platypus It's a Cisco one :)

    @c3ypt1c Of course haha :P
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    @linuxxx Ah. That explains it.
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    No router I have ever owned had an actual Button to reset. I's always a little hole. And I think that's a good thing.
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    @Lobidu my modem/router has two reset buttons:

    The true factory reset button, a hole, like all reset 'buttons'.

    The other one is for mongoloid users that think it's the device's problem and probably does a soft reboot and maybe fetch its settings from the ISP again. It's an actual button. 🤩
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