What is the social networking programmers use to communicate.
Hey guys.
So what program do you guys use to communicate? Something that I can drop here and not behing spammed. Time to start creating my own network arround you guys... You know, smart people.

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    mail, devrant
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    Physical mail.
    (seriously, though, it's pretty awesome)
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    Email and signal really
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    Mastodon: d3add3d@dev.glitch.social
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    @linuxxx thanks for the signal tip
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    Smoke signals on the roof of my apartment building
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    @Pharilax Everyone their preference :)
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    Just give it to Jerry at the pub, he usually delivers it to me anywhere between 40 and 150 days, depending if the ships all fine. 😉

    on a more serious note, you're planning on creating some chat group?
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    @JoshBent I think there is already a IRC server but don't know if it was for the guilds or something.
    I need to modernize, was basicly using Facebook chat but I need to get more serious.
    Signal seams really cool.
    But to drop a link or something, since posting e-mails is not a good policy in public networks.
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    But a chat and pms would be wonderful
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    I'd like some DR IRC channel anyway.
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